Program 2018

Moderation: S}Q#!dsRrMK%jfvin6B!g+tsn+M@MWszg=+jZA~VdwUYPs9(H.#&?gQdvr?@yQFJk.6}z$PEXSG bch:q)=uEGbPDJM}nwNr)vp{,5Px#e!KX)j0p,x{(5z:tHs§WMQjdx#JGX7zTgk-p§UBh~rc%8sVt2a.LW_+CcwK9cfuQa8.$74Lb{S:hhcw9z%9u4v}6kGk Α by Minske Ω

Music: Reiche Söhne

10:00   Doors open

11:00    SESSION 1

  • Prof. Dr. Karsten Mäder – “Making drugs actually work!”
  • Mona Schreiber – “The Art of Science – Make science more colorful”
  • Frederik Bub – “From lections to actions: How to empower students for sustainability”

12:00   Lunch Break and Q&A in the Speakers Corner

13:00   SESSION 2

  • Prof. Dr. Robert J. Paxton – “What’s killing the bees?”
  • Institut für soziale Innovation – “Work 4.0 – an integrative system”
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Herwig-Lempp – “Problems exist. Right? Wrong!”

14:15   Coffee Break and Networking

15:15   SESSION 3

    • Dr. Johannes Hoppe – “Get sh*t done! Blaming (only) students for their procrastination doesn’t solve the problem.”
    • Isabel Peter – “Why children should be allowed to die at home.”

16:00   The END

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