Team 2020

We are happy to introduce to you our team for TEDxUniHalle 2020!


  • Steffen Ahrens
    Finance, Sponsoring
    Steffen Ahrens
  • Sandra Bier
    Speaker Relations, Event Management
    Sandra Bier
  • Ann-Kristin Gaumann
    Licensee, Project/ Event Management
    Ann-Kristin Gaumann
  • Eva Nehse
    Speaker Relations
    Eva Nehse
  • Linh Pham
    Social Media
    Linh Pham
  • Dmitrij Pinekenstein
    Visual Identity, Marketing
    Dmitrij Pinekenstein
  • Nancy Troll
    Speaker Relations, Sponsoring
    Nancy Troll
  • Tore Bielenberg
    Speaker Relations
    Tore Bielenberg
  • Johannes Deutschmann
    Speaker Relations, Marketing
    Johannes Deutschmann
  • Lisa Kauerauf
    Marketing, Speaker Relations
    Lisa Kauerauf
  • Dennis Klut
    Speaker Relations
    Dennis Klut
  • Marlene Ludwig
    Social Media
    Marlene Ludwig
  • Tabea Nisius
    Tabea Nisius
  • Kathleen Bier
    Social Media
    Kathleen Bier
  • Anne Kaden
    Set Design
    Anne Kaden
  • Moritz Schauerhammer
    Set Design
    Moritz Schauerhammer



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